The UK government's Gift Aid scheme adds tax relief to your charity donations.


This means that for every £1 you give to the Noor Foundation UK, the government will add 25p from your taxes.


It doesn't cost you a penny, and when you make a declaration, all your gifts in future will also be topped up with Gift Aid.

Gift Aid Frequently asked Questions

...for every £10 you donate, The Noor Foundation is able to claim back £2.82 from the tax man, at no extra cost to you ...

            What is Gift Aid?


A. Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows you to increase the value of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. So, for every £10 you donate, The Noor Foundation is able to claim back £2.50, making your donation worth £12.50.


             Where does Gift Aid money come from?


A. Gift Aid is a Government scheme that allows registered charities such as The Noor Foundation to claim back tax you've paid to the UK Government. The Gift Aid claimed on your donation is thus tax you've paid which the Government allows us to reclaim.


              How much does it cost?


A. Gift Aid costs you nothing. Money is reclaimed from tax you've paid.


              Is there a minimum donation for Gift Aid to apply?


A. No, Gift Aid can be applied to all donations, large or small, provided your tax contributions for the year are at least equal the amount reclaimed.


              How do I register for Gift Aid?


A. To allow us to claim Gift Aid you need only complete a Gift Aid Declaration once and we then will reclaim Gift Aid until you instruct us otherwise. A Gift Aid Declaration form which you can print and post or fax can be found here. Alternatively you can call us on + 44 (0) 1706 837358 or  + 44 (0) 7968 627 167.


               How often do I need to register?


A. You need only register once. From the time we receive a Gift Aid Declaration we will claim Gift Aid on all your subsequent donations


             Am I eligible for Gift Aid?


A. We are able to claim Gift Aid on your donations if you are a UK tax payer and have paid income or capital gains tax at least equal to the amount we reclaim.


             How do I know if I'm a UK tax payer?


A. You are a UK tax payer if any of the following apply:


Tax is taken from your wages or salary before you receive it (see your payslip).

You have taxable savings or income from investments such as stocks and shares or the sale of property.

You are required to complete a Self Assesment form each year.


If in doubt please contact us for further details.


              What if I don't pay tax?


A. In this case we are unfortunately unable to claim Gift Aid on your donation. If however your situation changes in the future please inform us.


              What if I stop paying tax?


A. Please inform us so we can stop claiming Gift Aid on your donations.


              What if I'm a lower rate tax payer?


A. Even if you are a lower rate tax payer we can still claim Gift Aid at 28% on your donations, provided you pay tax at least equal to the amount reclaimed.


              What if I'm a higher rate tax payer?


A. In this case we can still initially only claim back 28% of your donation as Gift Aid. However, you can ensure The Noor Foundation UK receives back the difference between this and the higher rate of tax by quoting code XR27312 on your Self Assessment form.


               Which types of donations are eligible for Gift Aid?


A. All donations to The Noor Foundation  including sadaqah and zakah, single donations and regular giving donations are eligible for Gift Aid if you are a UK tax payer.


               Why is Gift Aid 28%?


A. A basic rate tax payer in the UK pays 22% of their salary in tax. So for every £100 earnt £78 is received net. The UK Government allows us to claim back the tax paid on income equal to the value of the donation.


Therefore if you donate £78, we will be able to claim back £78 × 0.282 = £22. The 0.282 or 28% is simply 22 / 78, where 22 arises from the 22% basic rate.


               Can I change my mind?


A. Yes you can. If at any time you wish us to stop claiming Gift Aid on your donations simply contact us and we will amend our records.


              I'm not a UK resident, can I claim Gift Aid?


A. Unfortunately not. The Gift Aid scheme is only available to UK tax payers.

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