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 "...if any one saves a life, it would be as if he has saved the whole of humanity...”  Qu'ran, Surah 5, Verse 32


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The vision, inspiration, motivation and success of The Noor Foundation UK and its sister NGO in Pakistan, The Noor Foundation Pakistan is down to the selfless dedication and tireless work of one man - Shafique Naqshbandi.


The Noor Foundation was founded in May 1997 because its founding members felt that there was a real need in developing countries, specifically, but not exclusively in Pakistan for the treatment of dialysis.


The Noor Foundation was officially registered on the 14th March, 1998, with the following aims:


History of The Noor Foundation UK


Chairman of The Noor Foundation, Al Hajj Shafique Naqshbandi with his Grandchildren

The Philosophy of The Noor Foundation is that we should bring our much needed free dialysis services to where the patients need it most, i.e far flung, rural parts of the world.


We also believe that we should involve local, non-politically motivated members of the indigenous population to help us run our centres. We support these centres and give them the tools to enable them to become as self sufficient as possible.


We appreciate how hard our donors work and ensure that every penny that is donated goes towards the cost of lifesaving kidney dialysis machines and kidney dialysis treatment.


It is for this reason that we do not spend any money unneccesarily on buildings, and choose to establish our dialysis centres in government hospitals. The hospitals in turn donate technicians, nurses, doctors, electricity and running water to enable our centres to run efficiently.


Our most compelling belief is that we do not spend a single penny on administration or expenses. Every single we collect is spent on the purchase of machines or treatment of our patients, and all expenses are personally borne by the volunteers who run the Noor Foundation UK.


"The relief of poverty, disability, sickness and distress in the world in particular but not exclusively by aiding in establishing a kidney dialysis unit in Sheikhupura, Pakistan."

Our vision is that no kidney disease sufferer should die due to lack of funds or lack of available kidney dialysis facilities.

Our Vision

The Noor Foundation UK was founded in 1997 by the following people some of whom have sadly passed away, however some still run the charity today:


Dr Inam Ul Haq, Mrs Sheila Barnes, Mr Manzoor Ahmed, Dr Abdul Saeed, Mr M. Ismail, Mr Mahmood Malik, Mr Al Hajj M Shafique Naqshbandi, Mrs  Lubna Khan, Miss Saba S Naqshbandi, Mr Kashif S Naqshbandi, Mr Harun Zaman, Dr M Iqbal Qureshi and Mr C M Khushi.

Our Philosophy

Our Founding Members