Regular Donations By Card or Standing Order

Thank you for considering making a regular donation to help the work of the Noor Foundation UK. You can make a regular donation by setting up a 'Standing Order' or regular payments by credit or debit card

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Regular Card payments or by Standing Order enable you to make regular donations to The Noor Foundation UK, so that you can help support our lifesaving free kidney dialysis work, without having to remember every week, month or quarter to send us a cheque.

Donating regularly means you can build up a really significant donation over time without experiencing the inconvenience that a one-off contribution might cause.

By choosing to donate regularly in this way you comtrol the amount you donate and the dates on which you make the donations.

Make a regular donation to the Noor Foundation UK by standing order

Please remember that 100% of your donations goes towards the cost of lifesaving free Kidney dialysis treatment and machines for the poor, as all administrative costs are personally borne by volunteers of The Noor Foundation UK


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