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Free Kidney Dialysis Treatment at the Noor Foundation UK's Dr Zarif Memorial Dialysis Centre, Sheikhupura, Pakistan

The Noor Foundation UK’s very first project was to establish a free kidney dialysis centre at the District Headquarters Hospital Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan.

We selected Sheikhupura as there was a lack of easily accessible free dialysis facilities, poor infrastructure between Sheikhupura and the nearest major city, Lahore, a poor rural population, support from the indigenous population, support in terms of staff, training and facilities from the government and hospital management.

This centre is the first of its kind in Pakistan at District Headquarters Hospital level and has only been made possible with the assistance, vision and co-operation of our sister NGO, the Anjuman Felaho Behbood Insaniat, Sheikhupura , the Government of Pakistan (in particular the Secretary of Health Punjab, Mr. Ismail Qureshi), Professor Tahir Shafi and his team at the Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Lahore, and the Sheikhupura District Headquarters Hospital Management team (in particular the then Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Akhtar Rashid).

On the 25th of May 2000, Pakistan’s Home Secretary, Brigadier Ejaz Ahmed Shah officially inaugurated our new Dr Zarif Kidney Dialysis Centre in Sheikhupura. The event was a great success, attended by well over 300 people.